Government Printing Works


Government Printing Works (GPW) is a government component reporting to the Department of Home Affairs that specializes in security printing of important national documents such as passports, visas, birth certificates, green ID books, smart card identification ID, examination materials, and general government printing such as stationery and publications such as government gazettes.

GPW has over 130 years of security printing experience and is currently Africa's leading security printing specialist, with a high-tech production facility that boasts modern and world-class equipment.

Head Office Province
Pretoria Gauteng
Regional Offices
Polokwane Limpopo
Mahikeng North West
Zandfontein, Pretoria Gauteng
East London Eastern Cape
Cape Town Western Cape

GPW Strategy, Policy and Direction

The GPW strives to make a significant contribution to the National Government outcomes and to the goals of the National Development Plan. The organisation therefore contributes to the following outcomes:

  • To create a better South Africa and contribute to a better and safer Africa and the World.
  • Efficient, effective and development oriented public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship.
  • Decent employment through inclusive economic growth
  • A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path.

The GPW's vision is to remain relevant as a security printer by developing the human capacity and systems required to gradually transition into a digital environment. GPW will need to invest in its own security systems, technology, facilities, and human capital to support the government-wide vision of integrating fragmented and outdated technology infrastructure with high security modernised ICT systems.

The fourth industrial revolution's impact includes the rapid growth of digital economies and e-government, as well as the replacement of paper with other media and platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and e-readers. Artificial intelligence enables rapid access to information on a scale and scope previously unimaginable.

Strategic Outcome Description Goal Statement
Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 1 Reposition the GPW business processes Reposition the GPW business processes to ensure stability, sustainability and viability of the organization as a critical national security facility
Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 2 Optimise processes and facilities Optimize processes and facilities to increase operational effectiveness and improved customer service
Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 3 People management and development Recruit, develop and retain effective and efficient human capital

Legislative Mandates

The Ministers of Finance, Home Affairs and Public Service and Administration approved the business case and GPW was established as a Government Component on 9th October 2009 (Government Gazette 32616).

The GPW, as a Government Component, provides security printing services to the government.